Re: Input voltage for HT-1A?

willie b

manual states 14V max, happiest at 12V... that said, i run my Xiegu G1M QRP rig off four 18650s...i think you'll find you'll only have ~15V out from your pack... if you're worried, use a charger that indicates percentage, and only charge 'em up to give  you 13V out of your pack?

bill, kg4zqz

On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 11:21 AM K9DRP <donpine@...> wrote:
I just picked up several 4 cell holders for making a battery pack with
18650's, and a supply of used cells.  But fully charged cells make for
an initial voltage of 16.7 or so volts.

Do I dare connect my HT-1A to this much voltage?


Don, K9DRP

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     Don Pine, K9DRP

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