Re: D4D TX power

Fernando S

Thanks for the fast response Adam!
I did KD1JV diode mod (the left one on your photo below), and replacing C5 by the provided 105 capacitor.
Is there any other recommended mod? With the mods I made, the power needs to be calibrated just as manual says? (I doesn't have a power meter).


El vie., 23 ago. 2019 a las 11:16, Adam Rong (<rongxh@...>) escribió:
Congratulations! 600mV is the threshold to trigger the VOX. However, about 50mV is the point to overdrive NE602 per KD1JV. That's why I recommend a modification to improve IMD. Rule of thumb for acceptable IMD: Decrease the audio input until you find the RF output becomes about half.


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