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Adam Rong


Thanks for the attention. I shipped by ePacket. The introduction is here:
ePacket: an economy International express service operated by China Postal Express&Logistics in cooperation with partner posts to ship cross-border e-commerce light-weight products weighing up to 2kg. ePacket items are injected into the light-weight network of the destination post for local delivery after customs clearance via postal channel, featuring stable end-to-end speed of 7-10 working days and preferential rate.

The tracking information is here:

If you click on the tracking history, you will know the detail:
Shipped July 23
Arrive Sydney Aug 7
Left Sydney Aug 11
Delivered at QTH in West Australia near Perth Aug 16

The total shipping time is 24 days. We can see customs delay for about 4 days. The customer ordered an ARDF receiver a few weeks ago and the shipping time is very similar, about 3 weeks.

1. ePacket is still a lower priority shipping and it will wait in queue for flight. EMS will be higher priority.
2. The customer is a returning customer and placed a bigger order and was anxious to build the kit but the shipping experience is still the same.



On Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 4:43 AM <gm0sim@...> wrote:
I wonder if you will get an apology if things turn up in Oz having been delayed by their customs or just a postal screw up across there?

All the best and thanks for all the good work Adam.

regards - Ian gm0sim

Adam Rong

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