Re: D4D low power output

Adam Rong

Hi Nicholas,

180mA is a bit low. I encourage you double check the transformer winding. 


在 2019年8月16日,上午6:19,Nicholas Triantafyllou <nicholas.triantafyllou@...> 写道:


I have recently built the D4D kit for the 40m band. The whole experience of building it was great. I have a small problem with the power output however. Even with 800mV at the input and with no modifications made so far I only get 0.8W output. The current draw is 180mA when transmitting. This is into a 50 Ohm dummy load and also into my 40m antenna that has an SWR of 1.2 at 7074Khz

I have replaced both output transistors and checked the toroid winding and all components. Is anyone experiencing similar issues?


Nicholas - 2E0GKG

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