Strange things about HT-1A kit

Adam Rong


A few of customers might have questions when you receive your HT-1A kit or assembled kit. Let me explain a few things:

1. User manual is not included. You will need to download from at here Download the user manual, kit building instructions and schematics in zipped format
If you have purchased kits from crkits, you will know nomrally that a printed one page manual will be put in the kit to guide you the important items and a few links to download. However, the HT-1A kit is prepared directly by the designer BD4RG, so the printed manual is not included. Please understand.

2. Even for assembled kit customers, you will receive a PCB and a few spare parts. Yes, this is free for your modification or repair purposes. Please keep them.

3. For kit customers, you will receive two potentiometers while there is only one hole on the panel. Because the panel space is limited, only one hole is reserved, however, the board has two sockets (RF and AF) to choose for the connection. If you want to use both AF and RF attenuation, you can consider adding a hole on the rear panel.


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