Re: D4D: Accessories Ideas

Adam Rong


As I have added more options or accessories, here I have to give a simple selection guide for your reference. How to order? Visit and find the drop down menu for D4D order.

Y audio adapter vs. USB sound card
  • Make sure your computer sound card has enough driving capability before you purchase a Y audio adapter, as D4D VOX circuit needs 600mV signal to activate transmission. 
  • If you are unsure, buy a USB sound card option along and it will save you Y audio adapter as it has separated jacks for headphone and microphone already.

$25 Creative Play 3! or $10 USB sound card
  • Creative Play 3! has about 17 dB range after it triggers the VOX, while the $10 one has about 7 dB. 10 dB more range will give you more flexibility to pursue nice signal or a bit big power. 
  • The background noise is quite clean for both cards, while it seems that $10 USB sound card has a bit more noise pickups at lower frequency range. Most of the time, it won't cause problems for the FT8 QSO.
  • Play 3! is not available for order from

Mini Wire Antenna Kit vs. 6-60m 100W Coil Dipole
  • If you like to build a tiny antenna by yourself, you can choose the first one. The nice part is that you build a EFHW, Dipole or 9:1 UNUN etc with the kit. The power level is < 15W for SSB, and < 5W for FT8. If you wish to have bigger power, you can consider QRO kit version (take email order now). The added 4 USD will give you < 15W for FT8. You will supply wires for the radiators.
  • If you want a nice looking readily available antenna product, you can choose 6-60m 100W Coil Dipole.
  • These two antennas are not good choices for 80m band or lower. However, they work great for higher bands.


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