Re: Photos of Mini Wire Antenna Sample Build

Adam Rong



The manual is being written. It takes a week or so.


Mini Wire Antenna

Kit Assembly Manual





The Mini Wire Antenna can be used with D4D DSB Transceiver for FT8, HT-1A CW Transceiver and other QRP power level transceivers. It is tiny and light weight. You will need to supply the wire and coaxial cable by yourself since the shipping cost is high. The max OD for wire is 3mm, but it works great for thinner wire.



  • 49:1 or 64:1 UNUN for EFHW

  • 9:1 UNUN for Long Wire

  • 1:1 BALUN for Dipole

  • 4:1 BALUN or UNUN

  • and etc...


Part List

  • 1x BNC connector with washer and nut

  • 1x 100p capacitor

  • 1x Toroid Material -43 OD 16mm (Manufactured by Fair-Rite)

  • Enameled Wires

    • 60cm 0.7mm OD Red

    • 60cm 0.7mm OD Shining Golden

    • 60cm 0.7mm OD Dark Golden

  • 5x Cable Tie

  • 1x Main PCB

  • 2x Insulator PCB

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