Re: New Antenna Products Forecast

Adam Rong


You can place email order right now and we will ship in a week or so. The introductory price is 85 USD including air shipping. In CRKits version, you will get a free SL-16 to BNC adapter in case you have thread compatibility problem. It did happen before per my experience.

SL-16 is equivalent to M or SO239 connector but in a metric thread.


在 2019年6月28日,上午9:28,Charles Vest <cvest@...> 写道:

Any idea when the new model Gipsy will be available to order Adam ?

Thank you ,

Charlie , W5COV

On June 27, 2019 at 8:08 PM Adam Rong <rongxh@...> wrote:


I will announce two new wire antenna (kit) products shortly.

The first one is the new model Gipsy multiple band dipole to cover 60-6 meter bands with marking of 9 amateur bands on the wire. It can support 100 watts PEP. As the last generation, the antenna is well built and beautiful. I will put info on the web site and will take order immediately. The introductory price will be competitive.

The other is a QRP PCB antenna without wire. I call it Mini Wire Antenna. With the parts in the kit, you can build an EFHW or a dipole. The toroid is a Fair-Rite FT series. The price is competitive. I will start sample build this weekend and take order in about 2 weeks. It will be a great companion with our D4D kit.

BTW, as I announced before, the introductory period will end for D4D. Shipping cost of a few dollars will be added to the price from July. I will update web site this weekend.


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