Re: BC breakthrough


I still think that a $39 kit that fits in a cigarette packet sized box as a cheap introduction to FT8 is a valid and useful product for many (OK not all but you have to accept some compromises for that price/size).

Surely that is the whole point of AMATEUR radio... self training & the ability to investigate and resolve problems yourself.

Although... who should I complain to about the state of the ionosphere at the moment... that is just not on 🙁

regards- Ian gm0sim

From: <> on behalf of Trent Trent <vk7hrs@...>
Sent: 25 June 2019 04:10
Subject: [crkits] BC breakthrough
I just made my first and fuckin LAST crkits 20M FT8 transceiver,i've done most of it on the TX side and as I done the RX side which it is missing the needed 27p cap all I get is fuckin BC from ABC radio here in VK7 no matter what I do

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