Re: BC breakthrough

Adam Rong


BCI is the nature of a direct conversion receiver. The crystal and the 27p cap in the front end will help reduce it, however I did receive a BCI report from Beijing where the MW broadcast station is nearby, after selling over 100 kits. An additional BCI filter inserted between antenna and the D4D will be helpful. If you can confirm MW station is the major problem, you can consider making one following this page:


在 2019年6月25日,上午11:10,Trent Trent <vk7hrs@...> 写道:

I just made my first and fuckin LAST crkits 20M FT8 transceiver,i've done most of it on the TX side and as I done the RX side which it is missing the needed 27p cap all I get is fuckin BC from ABC radio here in VK7 no matter what I do

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