Tecsun 2P3 AM radio kit

Adam Rong


While I was reading a post in SWLing, I think that you might be interested to read my translation of the manual, although the version might be old. The kit is still available from many channels if you are interested to build one.

In the mid 1960's, with the population of transistors, radio amateurs of China were passionate to build their own radio receivers. It was a dream to have a good looking case for their homebrew radio receiver, so 2P3 case appeared.

2P3 was compact and beautiful. Once it hit the street, it was welcomed. Many people saved money for buying one, and built various radios from single transistor to six transistor superheterodyne with it, and the dream of building a transistor radio with a case came true.

Half a century has passed, but those senior radio amateurs still can remember 2P3. Once talking about


transistor radios, 2P3 is always a hot topic. People smile if they were lucky to have built one, and regret if they failed. However, 2P3 is seldom found these days, and it becomes a product for collection. So, it becomes a new dream to own 2P3 again!

We reproduced 2P3 case, and designed and produced a superheterodyne radio receiver kit based on the current component characteristics. Hopefully it can fulfill the senior radio amateurs' dream, inspire the interest of the new generation and help improve their hands-on capabilities.

CRKITS is now proudly introducing the kit to the worldwide. The kit manual translation is dedicated for our customers, to match our standard of service. 


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