Re: The perfboards

Rob <roomberg@...>

Welllllll  ....yes... its official.... I am not qualified to operate this appliance.

I had some Choc Perf Board here that I thought would be good for experimenting with
rotary encoders.

Seemed simple enough.
I had snapped them apart and was playing with just one  of them
and I saw what looked to me like 8 completely isolated pads ....what you see here in the GREEN circle.

Boy was I wrong.
I had soldered a 3 lead rotary encoder into the purple marked pads and added 3 yellow wires to play with GROUND and A and B in the
rotary encoder example sketches.
This failed to get the desired results and kicked this for 2 weeks.... using various encoders......
and then yesterday I used an ohmmeter to figure where I might be shorting out my soldering.
And then found there is a sandwiched layer where the RED and BLUE are.

I don't get it.......
why the hidden layer?
Why not have the traces all connected on the solder side of the board where you can see it?

73 Rob KB3BYT

On 05/28/2019 02:39 PM, Jack Margolis wrote:

I like perfboards but have never seen one like the one you used to build your DSB FTB rig.
Any clue on how to find one like that?

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