D4D: Accessories Ideas

Adam Rong


I put a photo regarding accessories here. Also it can be found in the Photos section under this album:

The Y audio adapter is useful when your computer has only one audio connector. Normally it is a combined 4-pin connector for microphone and headphone and it is the same as the connector on your cell phone. The Y adapter will split into two separated connectors for microphone and headphone, and can be connected to D4D using supplied audio cables. It is now orderable from http://crkits.com, in D4D Frequency and Option drop down list. The price is 5 USD. Note that this adapter won't work on MacBook Air. I haven't tested MacBook Pro, but Apple users, you can consider the following Creative SoundBlaster Play!3.

The Creative SoundBlaster Play!3 is a great companion to D4D. Although it is the low end in Creative external USB soundcard product line, it offers great SNR up to ~93dB and strong output to be able to drive 300 ohm big headphones. The big output range will offer flexibility to pursue big power or better IMD. The Creative SoundBlaster Play!3 can be ordered in most of the countries. I don't offer it. The price is around 25 USD. It can replace Y audio adapter.

I always wanted a light weight batter pack to give me more than 5 hours of operation. I soldered the DC plug to the 3x AA size battery holder with power switch, put in 3x 14500 sized (same as AA size) Li-Ion batteries of 1200mAh and it will give me 8 hours of operation. The power switch is very useful as D4D does not have one. The charging can be easy if you have a charger of 12.6V 1A. What you need is just an adapter cable. I haven't decided whether I should offer it but so far I like it because it is so handy. Even I offer it (battery holder, charger, adapter cable), you guys need to buy batteries in your country. I am not sure if it is possible.


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