Stay tuned for more analog kits

Adam Rong


I just realized that FT8 is so popular that someone loves it and someone hates it. However I hope in here both digital and analog kits can coexist. D4D actually is an all analog transceiver without MCU, DSP or SDR. It can used for FT8 and FT4 but it can also been used for voice transmission as long as the input is big enough to drive the VOX.

Currently we are offering HT-1A CW dual bander which is a cool radio kit. And we also offer R3500D ARDF 80m receiver. Both are analog radios. I discussed with team and we are going to release the successor of KN-Q7A. We don’t have timetable yet but we think it is a good direction to go. I also like to introduce my minimalist NE602 receiver as a kit. It was kitted based on my Choc perf board for Japan and I want to make a PCB and find a case, so it could be used for a club project. Stay tuned although we are discussing a little bit more about FT8 and D4D these days.


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