Re: DSB transceiver for Digital mode

Furtuna Mircea

Cut the crystal around 1mm around the crystal, scratch the crystal very carefully, just a little, and measure it frequently.
It will be a slight increase of 30 maximum 100kz.
Verified method, step by step.

On Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 7:46:13 PM GMT+3, Adam Rong <rongxh@...> wrote:


I have placed order for PCB two days ago. The first batch is 350 pcs.

I have finalized the parts value and will place order for parts tomorrow. The RF output is 1-watt at 12V for 14.074MHz, and a bit bigger for 7.074MHz. The spurious suppression is better than -50dBc.

I hope to start kitting for the first 5 pcs on May 4. If it goes smoothly, I might take order to ship these kits early, so you can send a few test reports ahead of time than the usual customers. Stay tuned and I hope you will like it.


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