DSB transceiver for Digital mode

Adam Rong

May I call it D4D - DSB transceiver for Digital mode? This 1-watt DSB transceiver will provide lots of fun of building and operating. The VOX circuit will provide even more convenience to the operator. Thanks to the strong capability of digital mode and computer, this rig is not a toy. You can easily make FT8 contacts of 300-1500 miles range with a moderate antenna like full sized dipole  or EFHW.

The photos are for the prototype based on CRK-10A enclosure. It looks quite close to the final version. We will run testing in the following weeks. The initial test looks promising. We plan to take orders in about a month. We will start with 7074 version for FT8. The price will be very reasonable. Stay tuned and spread the word if you guys are interested.


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