Re: KN990 flagship transceiver from BA6BF

Rob <roomberg@...>

I bought a KN850 and it has serious problems I can not fix.
I figured one day I would find the right ham electrical engineer that would want to play with it... document it.. and fix it.

For now.... I use it ONLY as a receiver for kids demonstrations of the ham bands.... which is WHY I bought it in the first
place.... to have a compact short wave radio receiver that cost no more than $300 and if the kids trashed it then I would be less upset compared to letting them play with a $1,000 KENWOOD.


On 12/23/2018 01:31 AM, Adam Rong wrote:

BA6BF did it again. You can read about his latest flagship radio design from:

If you wish to buy one, you can search Ebay.

Adam Rong

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