Gary Freeman

Hi. Bob


I have a CRK10-A (for 40 meters) that I made 150+ QSO’s on.  I haven’t used it much in the past year or so because I got into building radios and now have a dozen pieces of QRP gear (I like QRP a lot).


My radio was also built by Larry:  he added actual crystal sockets to mine, so I could explore other frequencies.  (You do have to open up the radio to change the crystals). 


Right now the radio has a crystal set installed for 7.033 MHz, and if you want it I will include a second set of crystals for another frequency.


I’m asking $55.  In the interest of getting it a nice home, I will pay shipping to get it to you.


Let me know what you think.  If you’d like it we can figure out arrangements.


72 de Gary W0ITT








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Hi Gary your the only one that responded. Can you give me a price or maybe a trade? I have the SSB rug and it was built by Larry. Let me know and thanks for responding 73 Bob AF2DX

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Hi, Bob
Are you talking about the CRK10-A radio?  I have one I’m not using much and a bunch of crystals.  Let me know if no one else has what you’re looking for.
72 de Gary W0ITT (ex – WA0ZSU)
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Hi gang,
while being sick last year much of my ham gear was taken.
I really miss the small 3 watt rock bound rig since I had lots of fun with it.
if anyone has one collecting dust please let me know if you care to sell or trade.
I will be moving to Atlantic City soon so I hope to do better with QRP near the salt water.

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