Re: Still remember KN-Q7A?

Adam Rong

And here is the photo.
And the spectrum.

在 2018年9月20日,上午1:05,Adam Rong <rongxh@...> 写道:

I made another receiver and posted a comparison audio file to a forum. People  prefer my radio instead of my TS-940. A lot of fun! The way to replace MC1350 will cause more changes on GAIN control. Some additional wiring will be required.


在 2018年9月18日,上午12:53,Adam Rong <rongxh@...> 写道:


Thanks for the suggestions. For now, I just use crystals on hand to make a receiver for fun. I just get tired of the modern digital processing radios. I just need an analog radio with low power consumption.

Speaking of the receiver, I did have another one with 4 crystals and 39pF for IF filter and 2N3904 in the place of MC1350. The sensitivity and selectivity are both okay and I believe the noise pattern and audio is more favorable to me. Probably I will build another one to make sure it will work that way and make a simple receiver kit at low cost. This kind of receiver kit will be the platform for hams to experiment. You can add transmitter circuit by yourself, or add multiple band options, or display options etc. You have enough room and you just pay less for the platform.


在 2018年9月17日,下午3:25,marjannorm <marjannorm@...> 写道:

Hi Adam.   The KN-Q7A is a very good rig indeed, no doubt about that.   If you are designing a receiver from scratch on 40m, then 7.000 through to 7.150 at least is a must, because Parks on the Air, SOTA, and other portable operations use 7.140 through to .150.    And - AND, then there is the CW qrp operations at the lower end of the band.   The LED tuning is ok, and gets around a problem, but a small LCD display smaller that the usual 16x2 would be a real advantage.
Just my thoughts.  Keep up the good work
Norm vk5gi
McLaren Vale
South Australia

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