Re: HT-1A videos uploaded

Faisal Akber (VA3SFA)

I didn't make a video but yesterday I took the HT -1A out to a park and had a great time listening to SSB on both 20m and 40m from CM97.

Maybe next time I will record the outing and post it on Youtube. 

Faisal VA3SFA

From: Timothy Fidler
Sent: Monday, September 17, 2018 04:33
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Subject: Re: [crkits] HT-1A videos uploaded

It would be really nice to have a video from an English speaking country,,,, I include America there, showing how the HT1A performs in SSB listening mode. Some CW tcvrs are find for this but others like the one from Hans Summers simply cannot do it because of the architecture.  FW it is worth. ..there must be something on Ytube but mostly it is older models...

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