FT8 receiver kit on Choc Perfboard

Adam Rong


I have been thinking about making a few board kits based on my Choc Perfboard for a while, and now here it is.

Basically it is designed for 20m FT8 frequency 14.074 MHz USB. There is a frequency fine tune and there is volume control. The antenna connector is an audio connector, but it is good for a 5 meter wire antenna for SW receiver. The audio output is mono, for audio connection to PC sound card input or headphone monitoring.

It is stable and you can receive a lot of signals, although it looks very simple. I am offering 5 kits for beta testers at $9.9, including all the parts on the board and the battery holder for 4x AA size batteries. You will be also receiving an audio cable for sound card connection. Of course, the air shipping is also included. Sign up for the beta testers offline.


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