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Adam Rong

Hi Petrika,

Thanks for providing the information of the people in need. Let me update to you the comments I have received so far. Charity account is very sensitive and we will make it simple: if we do charity project, we will offer at low price so people can afford it. If people need donation, one radio per year is okay for me. I will let the members of this group to comment if it is okay to use this year’s quota. I will send the kit if I receive 5 replies saying yes.


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Hello Adam,

I think this is really great idea.

Here in Z3 (Macedonia) one of our friends, Z35A has fire ih his PPS and he lost everything in a moment ( )
Our Radio Club Z3FFF - Zeleznicar from it modest funds donate one VHF handheld radio. Unfortunately we do not have more funds to provide this vetaran operator with HF station to continue his work on HF bands.
I read today that you start this project supporting HAM operators in need world wide. Would you be so kind to donate one kit to our operator also ? This kit will be assembled by one of our operators (Goran Trajanovski, ) and after that we are going to give this unit to Z35A as fully assembled unit.

I hope this would help our friend Z35A to start work again and recover from this terrible disaster.

Eveyone interested to donate for our friend is welcome to contact our club president, Mr.Goce Boshkovski (Z36TT) at Facebook  ( ) and arrange details about eventually donation in equipment.

Thank you very much for your help and understanding of situation.

With regards

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