CRKITS.COM Retail Price Update

Adam Rong


The following price will be effective from today. Web site will be updated this weekend. My Chinese New Year holiday starts from Feb 10. Before Chinese New Year, the shipment windows are Jan 29 and Feb 5. The shipment will be resumed on Feb 26 hopefully. Email order is available before web site update at rongxh@...

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Newly added:
C0G/NP0 Mono Cap Assortment 21x2535, 5
25 each of Torch brand 100V 5% 5.08mm lead space of 21 values: 5.1p, 10p, 15p, 22p, 27p, 33p, 39p, 47p, 68p, 82p, 100p, 120p, 150p, 220p, 270p, 330p, 390p, 470p, 560p, 820p

Price reduced:
CRK-10A kit, 44 (down from 55, limited stock), 5
Choc board, 2.5 (down from 3), 5
Case + 2 Choc, 15 (down from 18), 7 (down from 8)
CS kit, 99 (down from 113), 8 (down from 12)
CS kit + speaker mic, 120 (down from 138), 10 (down from 12)

Price unchanged:
DIY series coils and customized crystals, 1.5, 5
Sandwich kit, 19.9, 5
Sandwich programmer, 9.9, 0
R3500D kit, 30, 6
R3500D assembled, 39, 6


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