An idea of a charity project

Adam Rong


This is my post on qrp-tech. Please comment.

A few days ago, an American ham wrote to me asking for donation of my single band SSB transceiver fully assembled. He wrote, I am interested in your mono band transceivers. I am disabled, low income and cannot build one. I wrote back to him to make sure he was serious, and worked with my US partner Larry to build a radio for him. I told Larry that it might be a good idea to start a project called "Donate a radio each year", and he agreed.

Just now, I had some email exchange with Chuck and I had a better idea on this. We can start a charity project to donate kits and distribute these kits for free. As a return, people can donate some money back to this project to make the project go on. As a starting point, I will donate about 20 NC40A kits to Chinese hams and will ask someone with good reputation to keep the money and run the project. I believe the project can expand to the worldwide, because I believe we have good supply chain here in China, and you have great designs, and both countries have people need help, so we can cooperate somehow.

Although it is for good cause, we still need to respect the copyright or design, so we need to ask for permission from the designer. Also, we don't want to compete with commercial projects, because it is not good for this ever shrinking QRP community.

It is still a very immature idea, but I'd like to hear from you guys.


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