New Products Plan - NP0 or C0G monolithic capacitors

Adam Rong


Recently a famous QRPer in United States wrote to me looking for a good source of NP0 or C0G monolithic capacitors for VFO, and my recommendation is the light green capacitors that I have been using in my kits. It has a small Torch marking on the body. It is the best brand in China and the local price is about 2~3 times higher than other brands.

For the C0G or NP0, 5% tolerance, 100 volt type, it is good for both VFO and LPF purposes. The MOQ in China is 500 pcs, but I would like to split it into 100 pcs, asking for 5 USD not including shipping. C0G or NP0 capacitor value is no greater than 820 pF. Please let me know if you are interested, and the values you are looking for. Thank you.


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