I've done 10M with KNQ7A the mods are simple but the finals i used are:

RD06hhf as its a better performer at 30mhz.
Final was IRF510, properly matched it does well even at 6M.
a RD16HHF would be a good choice too.

Coils and caps were done with toroids and variables.  The VXO crystal 
is the bigger challenge for most, I had something that worked well for around
28.400 but a SI570 or 5351 is a good choice too.

The IRF530 I have driven that at 6M and with 24V and .6W drive it's 
good for about 9W.  The magic is that the gate impedence is very 
low due to the input C is high and you drive it like any  other power 
device at low impedances.  It doesn't lack gain even at low VHF.


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