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Hi Mike,

It is possible to make the modification. Likely you will get about 2 watt PEP on 15 meter band. You will need to order the following from CRKITS.COM offline:
1 pcs 15m Sandwich digital VFO complete kit for IF 8.192 (please confirm IF)
4 pcs DIY7-21 coils to replace DIY7-7 (you don't need to replace the reworked DIY7-7*, do it carefully when you desolder)
4 pcs 150 pF cap to replace 470 pF in LPF
Reduce both T37-2 toroids winding from 15 turns to 8 turns in LPF
4 pcs 15 pF cap to replace 27 pF in both RX and TX BPF
2 pcs 3 pF cap to replace 2 pF in both RX and TX BPF
1 pcs BD139 driver transistor to replace D882
1 pcs IRF510 final MOSFET to replace IRF530
Total 32 USD including shipping. PayPal rongxh@...


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I have an old KN-Q7A that was on 7MHZ and I want to convert it to 21MHZ. I seen that the CS series possibly can do 21 MHZ and the CS Looks very similar.can I buy a CS lit for 21 MHZ and convert my KNQ7A?

Thank you

Mike WA3O

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