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Christopher Leslie

Hi Adam,

Thanks for sharing.   What is your professional work?  I always assumed that your kits were your primary business/work.  It never occurred to me that you may have a different job.  


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I found many videos on YouTube about these very low cost Chinese QRP kits. As a benefit of this group, I would like to introduce a little bit about the background.

Back in 2000, when I was still a graduate school student in university, I started to translate and adapt popular QRP designs to Chinese hams. I wrote a few articles to local magazines about the original design and what we can do to build with easy-to-find Chinese parts. BG6QBY and I worked together to make a few Chinese version kits for local hams for a few years. BA6QH, one of the most famous QRP'ers in China, actively promoted these small kits and we renamed these kits like leather shoes (Pixie in Chinese pronunciation), Frog sound (in one of my early articles to introduce 40-9'er, I wrote, I remembered the summer night in hometown where I can hear frog croaks. Now the field of the Chinese QRP is still quite silent and I wish the popularity of this design can create many frog croaks), Octupus (because the cables of my homemade case for the original Small Wonder Labs RockMite looks pretty much like an octopus, and later on someone also named as Super RockMite or something for BD4RG's modification, and this is the previous versions for CRK-10A) and etc. Since these kits are so well known in China, now these kits are made by many others (but no more by BG6QBY or myself), some of them are not really radio amateurs.

You will also find that these QRP kits will normally operate at 7.023 MHz because it is the QRP frequency in China.

After many years of pause, I restarted to write introductory articles this year. I introduced the Knobless Wonder and BITX-40. However, I don't have plan to offer kits this time because I am very busy with my professional work.


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