JT9A and OLED Digital Display


Hey Gang,

Last night I tried out the JT9A digital mode using my CS-40 (40M band).  The farthest QSO achieved using about 7 to 8 watts TX power was 4049 km (2516 miles).

My CS-40 has a FT50-43 final toroid (T3) installed in place of the original (FT37-43).  It had no problem with JT9A long transmit time of 49 seconds.  The enclosure barely became warm to the touch.  It helps that JT9A has an "off" (RX) period of 71 seconds after each TX period.  BTW, the bandwidth of a JT9A signal is only 15.6 Hz wide!

The sketch being used in the sandwich VFO for this CS-40 is been modified by JH3BTK to support dual BFO's to select either LSB (default) or USB using a 1/2 second press of tuning knob.  Also added to the sketch is code written by N7RGW Larry Lovell of QRVTronics to support a mini-OLED frequency display.

A picture of my CS-40 with the QRVTronics mini-OLED frequency display is attached.



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