Troubleshooting the CS-40


Hi Folks,

Some funny things have been happening with my new CS-40 kit.

1) Intermittent relay flip on PTT.  Sometimes the relays go, sometimes they don't.  I have no idea what the issue might be here but every now and then when I trace the 8v line to the Tx/Rx relay (the one by the sandwich VFO, not the antenna) it looks like a broken relay.

2) When going through the voltages in Rx on the NE602 mixer (the one by the BFO) I also get some weird voltages.  Here are my readings:

Pin    Volt
1        8
2        3.4
3        0
4        8
5        8
6        Drops from 4 to 0 once voltmeter is applied
7        7.3
8        8

Pins 1,2,4,5, and 6 are not to spec.  Testing in Tx is quite difficult because of problem 1), but I'll try to get some voltages up soon.  If anyone has an advice or suggestions I'd really appreciate it, this is an awesome kit.


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