Re: CRKITS CS-Series Single Band SSB Transceiver Kit Announcement

Adam Rong

I just need some time to build and test. I will be on business trip next week, so the earliest possible time will be early September.

BTW, are you still interested in VXO version (aka KN-Q7A)? I have parts for 6 kits. I would like to offer at lower price at $100 each plus $10 shipping. The price does not include speaker microphone. Please place your order offline by email.


于 2017-8-13 9:51, landrjoh@... [CHINA_QRP] 写道:


Hey Adam,

When will a 80m/75m version of the CS-Series transceiver be released?

Thank you,


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  • 80m/75m/40m/20m/17m/15m will be supported. 40m/20m is now available

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