LCD Display for Sandwich


After experimenting with several options, I have come up with a simple method to add an LCD display to the Sandwich.

I use an I2C buss LCD display.  I need to add only two wires to the sandwich.  I modify the code slightly and thus I get a frequency readout.

Attached is a standalone display attached to the sandwich.  I added a 5 volt regulator to supply power to the display since it does not like the 8 volts where the sandwich is connected on the Radio board.

I also created a box using a choc perfboard with a Li-Ion battery pack to power the radio and the LCD display.

I have the code available on my website along with the dual band code.

I do not have a complete kit available for this, yet, but Adam is having built a couple of faceplates for the standard box.  If there is sufficient demand, a kit or partial kit will be made available depending on demand.

I used Anderson Power Poles to allow recharge of the battery pack as well as access for external power.

Please comment on what you think.

Larry, N7RGW

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