Re: How to Reduce CS-series Power?

Adam Rong


It is not a good idea to reduce power by reducing IRF510's bias because it will make it work in poor situation.

How much power can you get so far? If you can get 5 watt or more, adding a power amplifier of 10 watt seems not very justified. If you really need higher power, you can consider raising the power supply voltage a little bit to somewhere at 14 volt.


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Does anyone know if there's a safe way to REDUCE the transmit power of a CS-series transceiver using the existing circuitry?  Would simply reducing the IRF510's bias current do the trick or would that harm the IRF510?

I ask because I'm interested in exploring the use of an external 10W RF amplifier for 20M.  It has a limit on the input power it can accept.




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