Dual Band Modification Now Available for KN-Q7A or CS-Series Radio


OK, I am finally ready to announce the Dual Band modification to the KN-Q7A or CS-series radio using the Sandwich VFO.  The modification is easy.

I can provide the Sandwich code modification based on three things:
    1)  Base frequency of original radio (basically the crystal filter chain frequency)
    2)  Base Band operation for example a CS-40 or 40 Meter band operation.
    3)  Additional band you wish to add such as 80 Meters to the 40 Meter base radio.

The cost of the kit includes a PCB for both the Receive and Transmit Frequencies, all parts including the appropriate DIY7 coils.  The introductory price will be $35 USD plus shipping. 

Software will be downloadable from my website once I complete the various permutations of the code.  The software and schematic will be available whether you purchase my kit or not.  However, I support what I sell.

I made a slight error to the first PCB, so you will need to follow the instructions regarding the coils.  I will fix the problem on the next revision of the PCB.  The error does not affect the signal or the filter.

The first run will have limited quantities available.  I have for example 4 kits ready for shipment 80/40 for Base 40 Meter.  I will kit others as the orders come in.

I am finishing the touches of the manual which should be available by the end of the day.

I will add additional photos later.

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