KN-Q7A Board rev. 2.2 complete circuit diagram.

Robert Hudson

Hi Al

New to this group.

A member of my radio club built the above kit and was trying to get it going with the Rev C notes.  He asked me to have look and see if I could get it going.   the Rev C refers to a 4pin MIC connection and Rev D shows the 5 pin MIC connection on the board and he has purchased a speaker /MIC with the kit.   The manual says that there is a complete circuit diagram but I could not find it in the files section or the website.   This would be helpful and would appreciate a copy if anyone can help.

The manual also said that a HM Series Icon mike will work with it.    Once the 5 pin cable to the 8 pin MIC socket was wired correctly  my HM-36 worked for PTT and started to get power output and could see the modulating signal on my CRO, but only 0.5 watts.

Adjusted the bias current to 0.543 Amps and it appeared to increase the power but while holding the mic button down and no modulation the power decreased.   Have I interpreted the instructions correctly?   On my other transceivers on SSB there maybe a quick flicker of power then nothing till there is some modulation.  Also with AM I would be able to see steady output to be able to adjust the transmitter.

  I have a 2 tone battery operated board which I will wire into an 8 pin mic socket with a switch for PTT and see what Happens.   I would be good to have a complete schematic  with the manual for reference and service at a later date.

I appreciate this forum and look forward to some clues.


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