Hi Adam,

I will ask 2 KN-Q7A Kits for me to delivery in Shangai as previously done:)

Regards and 73's de TA2LJ Hakan

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Hi Hakan,

Thanks for the feedback. Before we get more feedback, we will ship KN-Q7A
with frequency range of about 7050~7070 for your build and test purpose,
since customizing a new crystal will cost money and time. It is not
realistic to customize for every requirement, so we will carefully consider
what is the next frequency range.

BTW, KN-Q7A schedule is very good so far. We will get prototype PCB
tomorrow, and trial build will start shortly. The best case schedule is that
we can get production PCB by the end of this month, but it totally depends
on whether it goes smoothly in prototype build.

Also, I have observed that the first wave of customers come from this group,
and I really appreciate your great support over the time. I plan to sell
KN-Q7A with rebate of 15 USD in the first month of launch. If the final
price is 125 USD, you get 110 USD price in the first month. The final price
is still to be determined.

73 de BD6CR/4, Adam

On Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 2:24 AM, HAKAN GUNER <ta2lj@...> wrote:


Hi Adam,

good to hear about KN-Q7A. For the covarage in 40 m, we mostly use the
upper part such as 7092 kHz for meeting freq. I advise you can consider new
band planining up to 7200 Khz in Europe.

73's de TA2LJ Hakan

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