KN-Q7A Europe Frequency 7.090MHz Around Possible

Adam Rong

Hi all,
Thanks to the feedback from Europe. I understand 7.090 around is very hot SSB frequency in Europe. Over the past several days, I have been sourcing of a new VXO crystal specially for Europe and I am almost there, although MOQ and unit cost are still too high for me since it is a total customization for me. The new crystal is 15.570MHz, 49U holder, and I hope it can cover around 7080~7100kHz. The original KN-Q7A VXO crystal is 15.360MHz, 49S holder and it can cover around 7050~7070kHz for China and region 3, and we also plan to offer along for worldwide market. Thanks to Ms. Chen from KSH for her great support.
Status Update
I got the prototype PCB yesterday and spent some time to solder almost all the components on the board, and today I will ship the board to the designer BA6BF to fully populate the board and do smoke test and some fine tuning for components value. If everything goes well, the first KN-Q7A will be on the air in this weekend.
Regarding the launch date, I believe it is most likely in the mid or late October, since we have one week holiday from Oct 1 to Oct 7 here in China. The critical parts are the Europe crystal, final PCB and chassis.
What's new in KN-Q7A?
1. RF ATT trimmer is added to avoid broadcast interference, especially in night time. Although you cannot easily access to the trimmer from the panel, it does help you when you have BCI problem.
2. Post IF AMP filter is planned so it will reduce some noise hopefully.
3. IF filter and LPF filter minor modification to improve performance.
4. Slightly bigger chassis will allow better thermal capability and hopefully it will reduce frequency drift a little bit.
5. For those people who does not like SMD parts, we changed SMD NE602 to DIP type, so the only SMD part will be C3357, a SOT-89 3pin part, should be a piece of cake for anyone.
6. Change mic connector from 4 pin to 8 pin and offer optional microphone along.
7. And, Europe hot frequency coverage!
Stay tuned and I will keep you updated.
73 de BD6CR/4, Adam

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