KNQ10 help needed


As I have a problem with the TX not producing any output, I have dedicated several hours now to figure out what is what and where it is on the PCBs using the schematics. I have been looking for KN/Q10A schematics, just in case they are a bit better than the ones on the Files section for the KN-Q10, but no cigar.
I am able to produce DSB on the 4.43 mixer, get SSB on the other side of the filter and plenty of mixing products after the DBM. When I get to the passband filters, I have 12VR and 12VT BUT the schematics on the side of the transformer going to the PA does not fit with what I have on my PCB. It looks like the isolating cap is connecting one leg to ground, and both legs of the transformer are at 0.7 V when 12VT is applied. Is that right?
Even though I have peaked all passband filters using a RF generator on RX, I cannot get even a pip while transmitting.
Any hint?
jon, ea2sn

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