CRKITS CS-Series Single Band SSB Transceiver Kit Announcement

Adam Rong


Here comes the upgraded version of KN-Q7A. We call it CS-series, for example, CS-40 for 40 meter and CS-20 for 20 meter. As the successor of the KN-Q7A kit, its performance is proved by thousands of builders worldwide. With the addition of the Sandwich digital VFO, it becomes a better choice for outdoor backpacking or SOTA application. The kit building is still easy.

  • Retail price 140 USD for complete kit including all parts and PCB, a rigid metal case with pre-drilled and printed PCB panels, a Sandwich digital VFO kit, and a speaker microphone, shipping and handling 15 USD
  • Taking orders NOW at
  • Ready to ship by April 10, 2017
  • Sandwich digital VFO integrated with the LED hole pre-drilled
  • Full band coverage
  • Innovative one LED frequency display
  • Stable and accurate frequency like a crystal
  • Both USB and LSB will be supported by changing BFO frequency in calibration mode
  • Common IF 8.4672 MHz for different band. Modification to other band becomes more convenient
  • 80m/75m/40m/20m/17m/15m will be supported. 40m/20m is now available
  • UNBAL jumper added to intentionally break the balance of NE602 to allow more convenient TX power peak alignment and antenna tuning
  • Low dropout diode is used to allow a bit more battery life
  • Final power amplifier changed to IRF510 and minor change in LPF circuit
  • Speaker microphone added to the standard configuration

See this video to know more about this new kit.

Adam Rong, BD6CR

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