Re: Problems on startup

Adam Rong

Hi Boris,

1. Check if the IDC cable is properly installed, and check if the rotary encoder is properly reworked.
2. 1678 current is high about 50-60mA, so hot is normal. Can you hook a scope to pin 5 of 1678 to make sure there is output without touching pin 1? Can you make sure the PLL is locked well? Can you check the soldering nearby?

73 de BD6CR/4, Adam

On 2011-9-4 5:30, s53bb wrote:


I assembled and powerd up the KIT and now I have two problems:
1. I can't change frequncy whith the knob, it goes just 1 digit from the starting frq.
2. I can here RX only if I tuch resistor 330 on pin 1 of 1678 SMD on digital board and the chip gets very hot.

Any ideas will be helpful.

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