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Thank you Dan,
A visual would be very useful, when you get a chance to do that. I am waiting for a Baofeng Spk. Mic from eBay.

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I used a 6 wire cable replacing the original 5 wire cable to connect the speaker (2), microphone (2) and PTT (2) separately with a common ground point at the KN-Q7A per the schematic.


I had to cut a trace in the speakermic to isolate the PTT ground from the microphone.  In the original speakermic the PTT switch ties the PTT and microphone grounds together and this caused feedback in the transceiver thus the extra 6th wire.  I cut the trace near the PTT switch and one of the PTT lines connected there and the other was connected to the PTT solder tab.


The output of the microphone was too low so I removed the resistor that was across the electret mic and put a small 10K trim pot across the mic solder pads in the cavity where the wires enter the speakermic housing.  I adjusted the pot so the transmitter would not be overdriven.


As for color coding I connected the labeled solder pads in the speaker mic to the 8 pin connector per the KN-Q7A scheematic.


If you want a visual I can open it up a provide you with a picture.




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Hi Dan,

Do you have the color coding of the wires from the speaker mic that you attached the 6 pair cable to ? Or did you trace continuity to the connector?  I have the pin out for the connector.

Many thanks,

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I replaced the coiled mic cable with a length of 6 pair cable.

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