KN-Q10A kit 2nd batch and the upcoming KN-Q7A kit

Adam Rong

Hi all,
I have sold out the 1st batch of 9 kits yesterday, and I am starting the kitting of 2nd batch. The builder of 2nd batch kit will feel much easier, as all the SMD parts are soldered, and toroids are pre-wounded. The price remains the same 250 USD. I totally have 5 kits in the 2nd batch. Once it is sold out, KN-Q10A kit is sold out. I don't see the possibility to continue.
In the near future, I will offer KN-Q7A kit to the worldwide market. It is a slight modification to the well known KN-Q7 kit by BA6BF. Per request, I will make it about 150 USD (120 USD each + 30 USD shipping) including air parcel shipping. I will disclose more detail once it is available. The rough schedule is like this:
Prototype gerber release  Sep 5
Prototype trial build  Sep 26
Production gerber release  Oct 8
Production trial build  Oct 29
Ready for order  Oct 31
I hope KN-Q7A will be a good Christmas gift for your ham friend and yourself. Should you have any questions, please let us know.
Stay tuned.
73 de BD6CR/4, Adam

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