Re: Need help troubleshooting.....

Charlie Vest

Not all that familiar with whatever rig you are working on , but the devices that you mentioned are in the receiver circuit , not the transmitter . The MC-1350 is likely for your receivers AGC , if it uses AGC . The detector is also in the receiver circuit .

We need a better description of the actual problem . Any output when transmitting into a dummy load ?

What is the specific radio and has it ever worked correctly ? If it was working , what went on when it failed ?


On 10/15/2013 10:38 PM, brianschmitt001@... wrote:

I have measured some voltages on TX .

For  the MC 1350 I get INCORRECT voltages on pin 6@0.1VDC and on pin 8@0.55VDC on during transmit.

For the NE603 in the Detector Circuit INCORRECT voltages on  pin 5@7.4VDC , pin 6@7.9VDC, pin7@7.8VDC , pin8@6.8VDC.

I am suspecting a relay.  Any suggestions?

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I had the radio complete and working.  Now when I try to transmit, i get no audio and a high pitched tone on a frequency, I don't know if that is something to be concerned with, but I am drawing .54 Amps on transmit and 0.03 Amp on receive.  I disconnect the mic, and ground the PTT and the same pitch is heard.

This radio was working last time I tried it.  Any Suggestions as to what I should check? This is my first radio kit.  I have built other 'kits' before without a problem.


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