Re: OT: KN-920 final blown

Charlie Vest

We here , have the KNQ10B schematic , that I could e-mail to you .

HOWEVER we are in need of the KN-920 schematic , if anyone can help with that .

ALSO on the off chance does ANYONE have a contact to the X1M manufacturer ? We are in DIRE NEED of a copy of the software, and/or or a firmware update .ASAP !!

It has SEVERAL problems that we need to get resolved . The main problem is you CAN NOT WORK CW with it . It transmits and receives on the same frequency AND the VFO SPLIT DOES NOT work on CW so you can't even "trick" it into working on CW , plus the built in keyer is pretty much useless with timing issues . Also the attenuator switches in the firmware , but not in the hardware .

NOT being able to use it for a CW transceiver is the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE , with the SPLIT a very close second.

I feel confident that we could resolve these issues in the software on our own if we could only get a copy of it , which would help EVERYONE , from users , back to the factory !!

Charlie , W5COV


On 9/17/2013 6:38 PM, Hans-Göran Börjesson wrote:

Hi Adam and the group !
Can`t you bring the KNQ10B schematic to this site ?Me,and i guess many in this room have some problems to understand
the Chinese languege !I tried to get it from the site you named but i didn`t succed.
Best 73 de sm6mpa/Hasse

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