General news items #crarcnews

Group Moderator

Good afternoon all, please see below some news items from Amanda VK1WX (aka Estate wrangler, Education Officer and WIA Broadcast Officer.)

Bob McKinney's Estate
On behalf of Janet McKinney thank you for purchasing items from Bob (VK1MCK) estate.
All the items have been sold. Some items will prove a challenge others got real bargains.

Education for 2023
Well we have a schedule for 2023 and the new version 4 of the "Your entry into Amateur Radio"
We begin with our first course on the 21/22nd January, registrations are open on our website via Eventbrite.
We have 3 candidates to date.

WIA Weekly Broadcast
There will be a broadcast next Sunday (Christmas day)
If we get 10 call backs on 146.950 (2M) we will achieve a record of 1000 call backs for the 2022 broadcast year.