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Reminder #1 – TONIGHT – will be a social meeting at the club rooms doors opening 7:30 for an 8pm kickoff.

Reminder #2 – Wednesday 22 Feb 2023 – the CRARC AGM will be held at the club rooms, again doors opening 7:30 for an 8pm kickoff.

The CRARC committee meets on-line on the second Wednesday of the month, to discuss the running of CRARC. This email is an outline of items covered and other topics potentially of interest to CRARC members and is promulgated to keep members aware of what is going on.

The hamclubonline (HCOL) membership management tool continues to work reasonably well albeit with some niggling issues that the membership secretary is attempting to resolve through the HCOL IT people. A number of long term unfinancial members (pre July 1, 2021) have been removed from the books,  with those who are non-financial at 1 July 2022 to be removed shortly. Currently we have 181 financial members of the club. As always if you have any membership issues please email Graham VK1GVC on membership@...

CRARC maintains a number of Beacons and Repeaters.




Isaacs 2m Analogue


Long term U/S due QRM from adjacent site

Isaacs 2m D-star


Ongoing packet loss issues due link issues

Isaacs 2m beacon



Isaacs 70cm Analogue


Includes IRLP and Echolink

Isaacs 70cm DMR


Failed mid Jan, removed from site for trouble shooting.

Bulls Head 2m Analogue



Ginini 2m Analogue



Ginini 2m APRS



Ginini 70cm Analogue



Ginini 23cm Beacon



Following its recent failure, the DMR repeater was removed from Isaacs and is currently under repair – the PiStar SD card was replaced and a hardware issue with the repeater itself is currently being looked into. ETR unknown.

There have been no additional WICEN activities since the last update went out, with the next fix for WICEN addicts not until May.

The January Foundation course was successfully conducted last weekend with 5 candidates attending. The next course will be 11-12 March and is already open for registering. Note that the education team may also conduct upgrade assessments on the Saturday of the course (pending assessor availability and sufficient lead time to order exams) in addition to out of sessions examinations by arrangement with the education team.

With the upcoming AGM (Wednesday 22 Feb 2023), there will be several positions needing to be filled on the committee, so if you are interested, please nominate – formal notice of the AGM and nomination process will be sent out shortly.




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