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The CRARC committee meets on-line on the second Wednesday of the month, to discuss the running of CRARC. This email is an outline of items covered and other topics potentially of interest to CRARC members and is promulgated to keep members aware of what is going on.

The hamclubonline (HCOL) membership management tool is ticking along nicely with ever reducing manual input required (you can just hear the rejoicing from the membership secretary). A couple of issues have been noted with the new system including unhelpful reminder emails that are very US centric (including references to the FCC rather than ACMA) plus some issues when paying with debit cards. These are continuing to be worked on, although we continue to face obstacles in overcoming them. As a result of the hard work that has been put into this, we currently have 173 financial members of the club. As always if you have any membership issues please email Graham VK1GVC on membership@...

CRARC maintains a number of Beacons and Repeaters.




Isaacs 2m Analogue


Long term U/S due QRM from adjacent site

Isaacs 2m D-star


Ongoing packet loss issues due link issues

Isaacs 2m beacon


Back on air

Isaacs 70cm Analogue


Includes IRLP and Echolink

Isaacs 70cm DMR



Bulls Head 2m Analogue



Ginini 2m Analogue



Ginini 2m APRS



Ginini 70cm Analogue



The 2-metre beacon is back in service (and with a slightly increased ERP) after a faulty power supply was replaced – thanks to Chris VK1DO and Phil VK1PL for their efforts). As always, if anything unusual is observed, please let the committee know.

There have been no additional WICEN activities since the last update – the next fix for the WICEN addicts will not be until May next year (seems like most of the events are being pushed towards the end of the year). The calendar on the club’s website will be updated shortly.

The next Foundation course will be held 21/22 January 2023 and is already filling fast. A huge thanks to the education team who continue to pump out the training and assessments for no personal benefit (other than the satisfaction of a task well done). Note that the education team may also conduct upgrade assessments on the Saturday of the course (pending assessor availability and sufficient lead time to order exams) in addition to out of sessions examinations by arrangement with the education team.




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