From The Estate of Bob McKinney VK1MCK List TWO

VK1MA Matt

From The Estate of Bob McKinney VK1MCK List TWO
Thank you to those who purchased items from the first list

In the second list below is a variety of useful stuff to newcomers and old hands plus a few added item (in RED).
You will note the VHF/UHF transceivers are generally in poor condition hence the prices.
  All items are open to offers. Where possible I have indicated current equivalent buy prices.
Nothing is tested so buyer beware, I can assist with testing the transceivers on inspection.

Contact Amanda VK1WX, amhvk1@... 6258-2568  0418 462 832.
I am not a business so do not carry a float for change if you are paying by cash.
I will accept EFT payments.






Skyband Antenna Mobile whip

10M Female 5/16th Ferrual  Base




ICOM IC718 HF Transceiver

Current Model  Inc. Manual  and Service Manual



LDG AT-100Pro II 100W Auto ATU

Current model Inc Manual Fair condition




Anytone AT-D858

DMR, 2 X Batteries, Antenna, charging cradle no P/S



Baofeng UV-5RE

Dual Band Faulty on/off button, flat battery no accessories



Tonfa UV-985

No antenna, flat battery no accessories



Power Supplies

MP-3326 Powertech Switch Mode

19V 4.2 Amp  5 2.1A USB output


P100E-12 Switch Mode

12v 8.5A


Test Equipment

FeelTech FY3200S Function Generator

2 ch ,24Mhz   frequency Counter 100MHZ


JYETech Oscilloscope DSO112a

Handheld, no accessories




Powers up and displays no accessories



34M-4400m Spec An

Turns on no accessories




Automatic Power control 13V 20A


Kemo Battery Guard 148A


Crystal Kit of many frequencies

4,6,8,10,12,16,20,24,25,27,30 MHz and many more


4X Boxes of short lengths of Heat shrink

Multiple sizes


Google Voice Rasberry recognition Kit


Box 1/4W resistors lots

Multiple values (the container is worth the buy price)



N-Type 1/2 Heliax

Line sockets X 10


N-Type 1/2 Heliax

Plugs X 6



UNUN 9:1 450 Homemade


50-450 1-60MHz 500w


JetBalun 4:1 1500W


HomeMade Balun

In a Diecast box!!!!?



Buxcomm BTR450 450Ohm


100W? Chip 50 Ohm

Ideal Dummy Load in Diecast Box



A+ Guide To Hardware

Managing maintaining and Troubleshooting Computers


ARRL Handbook

1996 Edition


Amateur Radio Study Course

Graeme Scott VK2KE Book


Amateur Radio Study Course

Graeme Scott VK2KE Book (Photo Copy)


The Novice Operators Study Program

Graeme Scott VK2KE Book