Phil Longworth VK1PL out of action for a while.


Good evening everyone, 

WARNING WARNING - you are now listening to 40 Metres where all you hear are reports on peoples poor heath ! !

Just letting the community know that I have succumbed to a staph infection that has laid me low for the last month and will put me out of action for at least another 4 - 6 weeks.

Whilst it was thought to be a Hip Joint / Groin injury, that is just where it first exhibited and the infection has moved to my lower abdomen and scrotum (not trying to be sensationalist or gross so please don't take it that way).

On Sunday morning my left testicle had swollen to abot 10 times normal, and  my scrotum the size of a medium grapefruit.  Rang for an ambulance as there was no way I could get down the stairs, 20 minutes later they arrived (must of been before all the sports injuries started), I will not hear arguments of those guys though they do get snowed under at times.

Off to Calvary where I was looked after in ED before moving to Short Stay whils blood tests were done, and when I saw the Culture Bottles come out I had a suspicion it was serious.

So I have been Catheterised so they can keep an eye on fluids, been Canualised for IV lines, pumped full of Antibiotics and other drugs and very little improvement so far. The care I have received since being admitted has been great, the team hear even rang my GP and each of my specialists to keep them abreast of what's happening with me.

So if I've promised anybody something I apologise in advance, and noting a couple of minor WICEN things coming up in the next 2 months I ask that you support Matt VK1MA, John VK1ET and others who will be stepping in to run things.

To the Gentlemen out there, if you're experiencing pain or swelling in the groin, please get onto it ASAP, it's amazing how many issues arise from something like this and have a very limited treatment period (let alone the pain).

Cheers all.

...Phil VK1PL 

(Sent from my phone  so please excuse any typos)