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Turnkey Development System Cloud Drive Support


The capability to have Cloud Drive support on your Raspberry Pi is quite easy once you have the steps. The rclone  tool allows you to easily create Cloud services such as: DropBox, GoogleDrive and OneDrive. You can easily move files between the Pi and the Cloud using cut and paste using the File Manager


The basic steps involve:

  • installing the rclone program
  • configuring the rclone program to use a specific Cloud service
  • generating credentials for that particular Cloud service
  • creating a directory which will be mount  point for clone of Cloud service
  • issuing the rclone mount command to generate the Cloud disk image on your Pi


The basic steps are

sudo apt install rclone

rclone config

mkdir ~/OneDrive

rclone mount “onedrive:” ~/OneDrive (“onedrive” is just the name you used to configure the drive)


See the following URL for an excellent tutorial on configuring a OneDrive Cloud disk.